Anne and Richard Paul Music Awards


A major goal of the Eagles Band is to foster community interest in the arts and the performance of music throughout one’s life.

Music Awards:

The Eagles Band is offering several monetary Music Awards to be awarded annually to members of the Eagles Band who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong participation in instrumental music.

Amounts of the awards will be up to $500 for college bound or college students majoring in music or participating in an instrumental ensemble sponsored by an educational institution and up to $250 for private lessons.


One must be a member of the Eagles Band for a minimum of one year, meet or exceed the minimum attendance requirements for rehearsals and concerts and be in good standing as demonstrated by acceptable participation in rehearsals and concerts and be one of the following:

  1. A band member of any age studying a band instrument.
  2. A senior in high school planning to major in music or to participate in an instrumental ensemble sponsored by the educational institution they are planning to attend
  3. A college student already majoring in a music field in college or participating in an instrumental ensemble sponsored by an educational institution

Judging Criteria:

The Music Awards Committee will judge each applicant’s performance in the following areas:

  • Musicality and Effort Extended
  • Attendance at rehearsals and concerts
  • Behavior at rehearsals and concerts
  • Helpfulness

Application Process:

  • Applications will be available February 1 and can be picked up from the Eagles Band Treasurer
  • Applications should be completed and returned to the Eagles Band Treasurer by Sept. 30th

Granting and Verification of Awards:

Recipients of an award will be notified at the annual Colonial Theatre Eagles Band Concert in the fall of each year or at another Eagles Band designated event. Recipients will be required to provide verification for the use of the award, for example

  • An award to be used towards the payment of tuition for a music school or a higher education program of study will require the name and address of the institution the recipient is attending and a contact person or office to be submitted to the band treasurer. The treasurer will send the award check to the institution on behalf of the student.
  • An award to attend a music related conference will require submission of information to the band treasurer outlining conference expenses. The band treasurer will then issue the recipient a check for the amount of the award. The recipient will also need to provide documentation regarding attendance at the conference.
  • An award for music lessons requires the name of the instructor and the cost of the lessons to be submitted to the band treasurer. The treasurer will issue a check to the instructor for the amount of the award based upon the hourly cost provide by the recipient.

Application Form:

Open the link below for the application form.



Fund Raising:


The Eagles Band is a 501 3(c) non-profit organization and as such depends greatly on donations to help fund the day to day operations of the band.  Contributions help us purchase new music, buy and/or repair instruments and fund the costs associated with performance venues and more.

If you would like to make a donation to the Eagles Band, you can do so by sending a check made out to

The Eagles Band, Inc.

PO Box 1946

Pittsfield, MA 01202

Thank you for your support.


Advertise with the Eagles:

Promote your business and support the Eagles Band with an advertisement that will appear in every printed program throughout the calendar year.  You pay one price for the year.


A full page ad … $100

A half-page ad…$50

A business card sized ad…$25

A personal ad…$10

Personal ads are for anyone who would like to give personal encouragement to the Eagles Community Band or to share a memory of the Eagles Community Band.  For example,

 “Happy 80th Anniversary, Eagles.”

Make checks payable to Eagles Band, Inc. Send them to this address:

Eagles Band, Inc.   PO Box 1946   Pittsfield, MA 01202